Rates and Registration

The Start of your Training is a Phone Call Away

Interested parties should be sure to read the other pages on this site to understand the private and semi-private nature of the training experience being offered. 

Triangle Bushido Club dues are $149/month, which is slightly higher than some area schools. Students may pay this rate for a single month, but should agree to a contractual period of training at the end of that month if they wish to continue. Remember that interested students might approach this training without the “private” or “semi-private” element for about half that rate through Ligo Dojo’s normal process of 2 evening karate classes per week, and eventual membership in Ligo Dojo Budo club after some months of dedicated training. 

Interested parties should contact Sensei Ligo directly at 919-923-6915 to discuss interest and eligibility. Provided prospective students are eager and polite, the main point of discussion is likely to be about scheduling. If you want to begin your training, when can you, how flexible can you be, and does that availability compatible with Sensei’s, the Budo Club schedule, and the evening class schedule.


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