Eligibility and Expectations

This Training Might Not Be for Just Anyone

Suitable Age

Members must be adults or teens who possess a strong desire to learn, maturity to learn in a determined, respectful manner, and the flexibility to accommodate our collaborative training schedule. Because of the private sessions, it is preferred that minors (under 18 year old ) join and participate in pairs, meaning ‘please see if you can’t arrange to join with a sibling or friend.’  Younger kids, or individual teens without training partners, may approach this training by joining Ligo Dojo as karate students, and later advancing to the Ligo Dojo Budo Club.

Intended for a Select Few, and Maybe Only You

All of the photos on this page show scenes from our existing Ligo Dojo Budo Club trainings. The Rates (dues) for Triangle Bushido Club members are higher because of the private and semi-private nature of the instruction. That, plus the scheduling element in which members must collaborate to shape their schedule, may well mean that this invitation to join us will only appeal to a select few. But those are the few that we seek! Sensei Ligo and Budo Club members are currently training together because we love the activity and the art. Accept the invitation is to join us if you think it could be a match, and we will bring you up to speed.

Martial Arts is Not For Sale

In the spirit of traditional Japanese martial arts in which eager students prove their worthiness to learn from the teacher who is delighted to teach such eager and dedicated students, members who wish to join must be ABLE, and of a humble, eager attitude. In other words, new members must be able to blend with our existing group without requiring special treatment, and the “private” in “private instruction” must not be taken to mean that Sensei Ligo will take any student by the hand and drag him/her through the lessons. Sensei Ligo will teach you, but your dues are for membership in the Club’s collaborative development of an Art under the guidance of an instructor who was made in the traditional system; Your dues are not wages that will make Sensei Ligo your personal trainer. Prospective members should consider that while some U.S. martial arts schools virtually sell ranks, one can not “buy” competence in martial arts; One must rather earn competence through sacrifice, humility, focus, and consistent, dedicated practice.

Physical Requirements?

Bushido Club training is a physically demanding activity that requires that members are basically capable of undertaking a several-times-per-week physical challenge. Whereas, through this approach there will be generally less contact (the exchange of body blows) than through the Ligo Dojo (Chapel HIll Martial Arts) approach, the training is not “soft” in that we constantly seek to push the body to higher levels of athletic performance. Students are definitely invited to make themselves stronger through this activity, and progress IS incremental, but it is not an activity recommended to bring you to a basic level of health and fitness if you are currently unhealthy or injured. That said, students in the US often underestimate themselves along these lines (thinking they have to get in shape BEFORE joining karate, for example, which is not true), and students who wonder if they may or may not be suited should discuss their concerns with Sensei Ligo.


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We are nearling a stage were we will incorporate Iaido (the art of Japanese sword drawing and cutting) into our Club trainings. In the mean time, we practice with the Boken (wooden sword) primarily to support our Jo, Tonfa, and Sai training. Jo, tonfa, and sai are defensive weapons designed to defend against sword attacks. in addition to applicable self-defense, Club members prioritize the pursuit of Art for Art’s sake.