Collaborative Class Scheduling

Your Training Schedule Depends Largely on You!

Triangle Bushido Club Members should endeavor to practice 3 times per week on average: once in an evening karate class, and 2 times, either with the Budo Club or privately with Sensei Ligo, both on a collaborative schedule.

Evening Karate Classes: 

It is recommended that Triangle Bushido Club members attend a minimum of one evening karate class per week at Ligo Dojo (Chapel Hill Martial Arts). There are five opportunities: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm M-F. Triangle Bushido Club members may, however, attend as many of these classes as they wish. The primary approach to the karate (empty-handed) portion of Triangle Bushido Club semi-private training is KATA (karate’s formal exercises) and BUNKAI (application of kata). However, there is questionable value to this training without at least “some” exposure to contact exercises with other members. Although Kyokushin karate is a contact style, the vast majority of our dojo training stops short of all-out full-contact in order to prepare students FROM ALL WALKS OF LIFE in a step-by-step process that keeps everyone safe, and builds each individual’s confidence over time.

Ligo Dojo Budo Club Sessions: 

Ligo Dojo Budo Club members (long-standing club attended by advanced and intermediate students at Ligo Dojo: Chapel Hill Martial Arts) coordinate regularly by text message, and meet 3 or 4 times per month at an irregular collaborative time and date agreed upon by all members so as to avoid any member missing any session. These sessions are often held during early morning hours on the weekends on a case by case basis when all members CAN. Other times when it seems like a good opportunity to get everyone together, we may circumvent an evening karate class and re-direct the lesson to be a Budo Club training in terms of content. Triangle Bushido Club members should do their best to coordinate with the pre-existing group and attend these sessions as one of their two semi-private trainings per week whenever possible.

Private, and Semi-Private Sessions with Sensei Ligo:

Triangle Bushido Club members should coordinate with Sensei Ligo to schedule one or two sessions per week during Sensei Ligo’s personal frequent and flexible training schedule: These are “Semi-private” because Triangle Bushido Club members must endeavor to combine “private” sessions with other club members whenever possible.  Two semi-private sessions per week, become one during weeks when the Budo Club meets. A hypothetical “not so good” student who is selfish about demanding that Sensei Ligo accommodate his/her inflexible schedule would not be a good match for this opportunity, but please do inquire if you have doubts; We ALL have, and understand, busy work, school, and family schedules. Perhaps you ONLY have certain times available per week and are otherwise inflexible? You should inquire anyway because those times might coincide with convenient collaborative times.


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